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Labfit Automation

Labfit One of the worlds best laboratory automation companies established in 1992, This Australian-owned company is a leading manufacturer of commercial grade laboratory equipment in the soil testing and carbon sulphur analysis industry. They provide premium Laboratory Automation equipment.

The range of equipment includes 

 Carbon and Sulphur analyzers

Automated Thermogravimetric Analyzers

Automated Soil and Water Analyzers


Dixie Scientific are pround to be Labfit's USA Distributor

Air Max

CS2000 Carbon Sulfur Analyzer 

Choose this carbon sulfur analyzer for unblemished results
The Labfit carbon and sulfur analyzers are used to determine amounts of carbon and sulfur in most organic materials. The high quality and reliable testing machine comes with a built-in automatic sampler capable of changing 48 samples. The samples are loaded directly into the vertical resistance furnace (not suitable for metals) prior to analysis. The instrument measures organic compounds such as mineral ores, coal, cement, bauxite and a host of other organic materials for the presence of carbon and or sulfur.
A high performing sulfur & carbon analyzer is an essential instrument in the lab


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Labfit Automated pH/EC/Titration

The Labfit AS3020 Robotic pH and EC meter automates your soil and water testing requirements and it can be configured to suit any ASTM/ISO method.

The Robotic pH and electro-conductivity analyser from Labfit is fast and accurate and has provision for up to 180 soil or water samples. This efficient pH and EC testing machine can measure the electrical conductivity first before testing the pH in the water or soil conductivity, which ensures that the pH electrode KCl solution does not interfere with the EC measurement.

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