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  • Berthold Bioanalytical

    Microplate Readers, Luminometers, in vivo Imagers, Gamma Counters, HPLC Radio Detectors

    Berthold Technologies is considered a worldwide leader in luminescence measuring technology and has provided thousands of luminometers for research and diagnostics.

    DixieScientific are pround to represent Berthold Technologies in North and South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia

  • Berthold Radiation protection

    Contamination Monitors

    Work with unsealed radioactive materials generates potential contamination of surfaces. Sensitive instruments providing early warnings of the presence of surface contamination help to prevent inadvertent transfer of radioactivity.

    Surface contaminations are measured as activity per unit area [Bq/cm²] for specified radionuclides. These values are subject to regulatory limits. Surface contaminations are monitored using a variety of methods and instruments.

    Contamination monitoring is one of Bertholds  core competences and Dixie Scientific are pleased to be  offering the following products: