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MS-H-Pro-Plus Circular-top Digital Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer


The MS-H-Pro Plus is one of the most technically advanced hotplate-stirrers in the marketplace. With independent back-lit LCD displays for both heat and stirring functions and PID technology. The MS-H-Pro Plus controls temperature at +/- 1ºC. It also incorporates a DC brushless (spark free) motor for extremely long life and excellent performance.



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FlatSpin Analog Stirrer


The FlatSpin Stirrer is an ultra-flat compact stirrer ideal for stirring applications. Its space saving design minimizes bench space and portable due to its light weight.



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HP550-S LED Digital Hotplate


The MS7-HP550-S is one of the most technically advanced hotplates in the marketplace. Simply turn the heat button to set the desired temperature with the LED display and the actual real-time temperature is clearly displayed. The MS7-HP550-S controls temperature at +/- 5ºC.


Nike Air Zoom Pegasus

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