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Dose and Dose Rate Monitoring

LB 123 UMo - universal monitor for radiation protection applications

The LB 123 is not just one instrument, but is a complete system of radiation protection instrumentation. It covers measurement of surface contamination, gamma doserate, neutron doserate and activity. A variety of different contamination detectors enables the measurement of alpha/beta-emitters, beta/gamma-emitters and even of tritium.



The LB 123 consists of a battery driven datalogger unit, where one of seven available radiation detectors could be connected. High voltage-supplies, preamplifiers and discriminators are integrated in the probes, which are identified automatically by the system. Operation of the LB 123 is very simple. The micro-controller program provides many useful functions and utilities like for instance background measurement with automatic subtraction, scaler-timer-mode, autorepetitive mode, dose-integration, plateau-measurement, storage of up to 250 measured values.

The Universal Monitor LB 123 "UMo" is a versatile instrument for contamination, dose rate and activity measurements in radiation protection fields.

The LB 123 UMo allows the use of application dedicated detectors via a single measurement and display unit. The basic instrument LB 1230 identifies the detector that is connected and adjusts the program firmware accordingly. So, the use of another detector does not require re-setting of detector-specific parameters, high voltage, or measuring units.

A wall bracket including a mains-connection unit permits stationary, continous operation, e. g. as a local dose rate measuring system or as an exit contamination montior. However, even in such a configuration the LB 123 can be removed from the wall bracket and used as a portable instrument.

The UMo is operated via a 5-button membrane keypad comprising one On/Off button and four softkeys. This ensures clear user guidance via the display even for complex operations.

The UMo's display is a high-contrast dot-matrix display with background illumination. Universal application of the instrument and programming via softkeys are possible only due to the high flexibility of this display.

The LB 123 UMo offers you:

  • interchangeable probes for contamination, dose rate and activity measurements
  • automatic detector control which enables the connection of different probes without re-setting of detector-specific parameters
  • easy operation via softkeys
  • data memory
  • interface for the connection to a PC or printer